The best historical shops in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of shops that survive time and continue to offer the same activity for which they were created. Some of these emblematic premises have disappeared, they have not been able to survive land speculation in the center of the city, or because society no longer has an interest in their products.

Others have moved from the place where they began their commercial activity or have given way to new businesses or have been transformed, but there are still some premises that continue with the same function for which they were created and are part of the soul of the city.

From Wanderlust Barcelona we have selected, as an example, some of these shops that are dedicated to different activities. We recommend you enter this link where all the so-called emblematic establishments are listed and where you can select the ones that interest you the most. They are worth visiting.

Casa Beethoven

Store for sheet music, books and objects with a musical theme that has been on record since 1880. Located on the Rambla near the Mercat de la Boqueria, Casa Beethoven, is an emblematic business that preserves the musical spirit with which it was created, a local reference for many musicians who come to buy sheet music.

It is worth visiting and stopping to look through its books, scores, listen to the music that accompanies us… and chat with the brothers Jaume and Àngels who continue with the family tradition.


  • Address: La Rambla 97
  • Metro: Liceu (L3)
  • Phone: +34 93.301.48.26

La Manual Alpargatera

La alpargata es un calzado de lona con suela de esparto, cáñamo o goma que se sujeta al pie con cintas para atarse al tobillo o por presión.

La Manual Alpargatera se creó en 1940 y se trasladó en 1941 a la calle Avinyó, entre las Ramblas y la Plaza Sant Jaume. Este tipo de calzado lo usaban la gente humilde trabajadora pero actualmente está de moda en verano y se puede encontrar en Barcelona en el único taller donde las hacen a mano.

Podemos encontrar los tradicionales modelos de alpargatas u otras de diseño más moderno.

Una curiosidad, tienen folletos explicativos en muchos idiomas, podéis pedir el vuestro.


The espadrille is a canvas shoe with an esparto, hemp or rubber sole that is fastened to the foot with straps to be tied to the ankle or by pressure.

The Manual Alpargatera was created in 1940 and moved in 1941 to Calle Avinyó, between Las Ramblas and Plaza Sant Jaume. This type of footwear was used by humble working people but it is currently in fashion in summer and can be found in Barcelona in the only workshop where they are made by hand.

We can find the traditional models of espadrilles or others with a more modern design.

As a curiosity, they have explanatory brochures in many languages, you can ask for yours.




  • Address: Carrer d’Avinyó, 7
  • Metro: Liceu (L3), Jaume I (L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 01 01 72

El rey de la magia

It is an essential visit if you like magic.

It is the oldest magic shop in the world, its foundation dates back to 1881 and although the establishment changed locations several times, this capicua-magic date is used.

It retains almost all its original decoration both inside and outside.

We can find books, magic objects, tips… and courses aimed at both adults and children.


  • Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 11
  • Metro: Jaume I (L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 19 73 93

Casa Gispert

In a side street of Santa Maria del Mar, this family establishment that preserves its original appearance and that since 1851 sells nuts, dried fruits, coffee, tea and spices, among others.

You can buy freshly roasted nuts in an artisan style, with oak wood, in a wood oven that can be seen in the store and that fills the establishment with a forgotten aroma.

I recommend you ask the day and time it is roasted and be able to see this artisan work.

You can also buy oils, chocolates, honey… or buy the necessary products to make typical Catalan sweets such as panellets or horchata, since they can give you the recipes.


  • Address: Carrer dels Sombrerers, 23
  • Metro: Jaume I (L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 19 75 35

Sombrerería Obach

Family business founded in 1942.

It is located on the corner near Las Ramblas, the Iglesia del Pi and Plaça Sant Jaume, it is a hat shop for life.

In its sideboard, which is on the corner, you can see countless hats from the typical Catalan barretina to more sophisticated models. It preserves the sideboard, shelves and exhibitors of the time.


  • Address: Carrer del Call, 2
  • Metro: Liceu (L3), Jaume I (L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 18 40 94

Cerería Subirá

The chandlers were places where products made with wax, candles, candles, were sold, important for daily life before electricity, but also for religious purposes to deposit before images or wax votive offerings.

This shop continues to be the same since it was founded in 1761 by Jacint Galí.

It was moved to the current premises in 1902, preserving the 1847 decoration of a textile store that previously existed in that place.


  • Address: Baixada de la Llibreteria, 7
  • Metro: Jaume I (L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 15 26 06

Merceria Santa Anna

Located since it was founded in 1938 in Portal del Àngel, it has moved its business to its current address. Family business whose motto is “We have everything” sells in detail and wholesale and gives courses on work, advice, and mend clothes.


  • Address: Moles, 22
  • Metro: Urquinaona (L1, L4)
  • Phone: +34 933 015 175

Ganiveteria Roca

Family business founded in 1911 by Ramón Roca and has been run by this family until 2000.

Located in Plaça del Pí in a Gothic style building with a sgraffito façade (one of the few that remain).

Shop where we can find cutting tools (knives, scalpels, scissors…), shaving products and kitchenware. It has its own workshop where it sharpens and repairs tools.

Its shop window is a work of art that maintains the original decoration and inside we can find modernist furniture.

Upon entering the store you can see the slogan “Casa de confiança” (house of trust) on the floor of the door.


  • Address: Plaça del Pí 3
  • Metro: Liceu (L3)
  • Phone: +34 933 021 241

Herbolari Llançá

Family herbalist founded in 1907 near the Ramblas and the MACBA.

Part of the modernist furniture is preserved: counter, drawers, shelves… as well as an original weighing scale for weighing herbs.


  • Address: Carrer d’Elisabets, 18
  • Metro: Catalunya (L1, L3)
  • Phone: +34 933 17 09 90

Farmacia de la Llana (Agramonte)

The first reference to the pharmacy dates back to 1857, where the “Cases solution” was invented, a restorative for various illnesses and pains that is sold throughout Europe.

The façade and the interior retain modernist decoration.


  • Address: Plaça de la Llana 11
  • Metro: Jaume I (L4)

In the “Where to eat” section I have already told you about other emblematic establishments: La Campana (turroneria-ice cream parlor), Bodega la Palma, Café de la Òpera and Bar del Pí, which we recommend you visit.



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