Barcelona with kids

If you travel with children, you will surely ask yourself: what activities can I do with them in this city? Barcelona has a wide range of cultural, leisure, gastronomic, sports… strolling through its streets and visiting its monuments is accessible to the whole family, but we suggest some specific activities to do with children or teenagers.

Our first recommendation is to visit several websites to see their offers and if the days you will be in the city coincide with any of the popular festivals that are celebrated in their neighborhoods:

  • Check the City Council website
  • Also check the websites of the Barcelona museums, CaixaForum and the concert halls (Palau de la Música, Lliceu and Auditori), which have high-quality concerts, family visits, workshops and children’s activities. In all the museums we find spaces dedicated to the little ones, but those that appear in the post are more oriented towards children and adolescents.
  • All museums are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Also, if you fancy a tour adapted to the little ones, you can ask me on my contact page.

Museu de Història de Catalunya


Tour of the history of Catalonia from prehistory to the present with interactive spaces designed in a pedagogical way for the youngest. If you consult their website they have family visits, workshops and other activities.


Plaza de Pau Vila, 3
L 4 Barceloneta
· CLOSED: Mondays except holidays
· From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
· Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
· Sundays and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Permanent exhibition: 6€
Temporary exhibition:

Museu Blau

Located in the Parc del Fórum, in a building by the architects Herzog & de Meuron, this 9,000 m² museum welcomes us with the skeleton of a whale and shows, through its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, the diversity and evolution of natural world. It has a space for children from 0 to 6 years old (the Science Nest) and offers workshops, activities and visits.

Museu Blau


Plaza Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5
L 4 El Maresme-Fórum
· CLOSED: Mondays except holidays
· From Tuesday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (from March to September from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
· Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
· Sundays and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Regular ticket:
· Museum of Natural Sciences: €6
· Temporary exhibition: €6.50
· Combined Museum of Natural Sciences – Jardí Botànic: €7
· Combined permanent exhibition «Planeta Vida» – temporary exhibition: €10.50
Reduced ticket:
· Museum of Natural Sciences: €2.70
· Temporary exhibition: €4.50
· Combined Museum of Natural Sciences – Jardí Botànic: €3.50
· Combined permanent exhibition «Planeta Vida» – temporary exhibition: €6.50

CosmoCaixa (Science Museum)

Located in a modernist building, it is a pioneering museum on this subject with exhibition halls, spaces such as the Flooded Forest area, the Planetarium, the Universe Room… workshops with scientific experiments or spaces for children such as: Touch, touch. Museum to bring science closer to children and adults.



C/ Isaac Newton
H2, H4, V17, V15, V19, V13, 73, 75, 22 y 196.
From Monday to Sunday and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Regular ticket:
· Museum of Natural Sciences: €6
· Temporary exhibition: €6.50
· Combined Museum of Natural Sciences – Jardí Botànic: €7
· Combined permanent exhibition «Planeta Vida» – temporary exhibition: €10.50
Reduced ticket:
· Museum of Natural Sciences: €2.70
· Temporary exhibition: €4.50
· Combined Museum of Natural Sciences – Jardí Botànic: €3.50
· Combined permanent exhibition «Planeta Vida» – temporary exhibition: €6.50

Aquarium de Barcelona

With various aquariums dedicated to the Mediterranean, tropical, thematic, oceanarium… and activities aimed at children and others at adults, it brings us closer to the maritime world in an educational and entertaining way.

Find out everything you need to know about the Aquarium here.

Aquarium Barcelona


Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, s/n
L4 Barceloneta and  L3 Drassanes
From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
If you buy the tickets through their website you will have a €4 discount
Adult: €21
Children (5-10 years): €16
Children (3-4 years): €9
Babies (0-2 years): free

Barcelona Zoo

Located in the Ciutadella Park, it was inaugurated in 1892. In 2015, the acrobatic displays of trained cetaceans were abolished in the dolphinarium to preserve these animals, although the space is still open to the public as an observation point. It offers activities for the little ones to learn while playing. Look at their offers and if you visit it for two days you are interested in buying the family pass for the whole year. 

Zoo Barcelona


Passatge de la Banca, 7 (La Rambla)
L4 Ciutadella Villa Olimpica
L1 Arc de Triomf
They vary depending on the season of the year and sunlight. Check the calendar
General rates:
· Adults: €21.40
· From 3 to 12 years old: €12.95
· Children under 3 years old: FREE
· Functional diversity: €5.65
· Over 65s: €10.50
Zoo Club Rates:
Family: €94.05
Single: €43.90

Tibidabo amusement park

With an area of ​​70,000m², located on the Tibidabo mountain, it is an excellent viewpoint of the city and the oldest operating amusement park in Spain. Opened in 1901 you can enjoy numerous attractions.

Tibidabo Barcelona

Tibidabo interactive fountains

Located in the grounds where the Tibidabo Amusement Park is located, we find the interactive water fountains, an ideal play space to cool off during the hottest months of the year. Its access is free and it is open every day.

Fuentes tibidabo Fuentes tibidabo


Plaça del Tibidabo, 3, 4
Tarifas generales:
· General ticket (>120cm): 35€
· Junior ticket (90-120cm): 14€
· Senior Ticket (+60 años): 10.50€

Camp Nou Museum

The Futbol Club Barcelona museum is one of the most visited in the city. Founded by Joan Gamper in 1899, it is, as its followers say, més que un club (it is more than a club). The current stadium was built between 1955 and 1957 based on concrete and iron with a maximum height of 49.67 meters and an area of ​​58,760 square meters (260 meters long and 226 wide), it follows the regulations of the UEFA and the playing field 105 m x 68 m. It has a capacity of 99,354 people and is currently the largest stadium in all of Europe.

Here I leave you all the extended information to plan your visit

You can also book a private tour with me where I will explain the history of the club, its triumphs, its facilities…

And don’t miss the ice skating rink that it has on its premises!

estadio nou camp


Barcelona beaches

To walk, bathe or play in its spaces with children’s facilities.

la marbella barcelona

Parks and gardens

Barcelona is a city that is increasingly committed to having green spaces, its parks can be a good option for a walk or a place to play.

We recommend the Parc de la Ciutadella, near the Zoo, to go by bike, by boat on the lake, see its waterfall… and the Parc Güell with its zigzagging seats, the viewpoint over the hypostyle hall from where we can contemplate good views of Barcelona , corridors with inclined columns, dragons in the fountain of its staircase… all decorated with the characteristic trancadís of Gaudí. If you prefer, you can hire a private tour with me so you don’t miss a single detail.


LaLudo – Ciutadella Park

It is a space, located in the middle of the Ciutadella Park, which offers environmental education and family participation equipment aimed at families with children between 0 and 5 years old.

There you will find an outdoor space that is transformed every day with psychomotricity structures, varied games and spaces with water in summer. Inside you will find corners with stories, board and construction games, elements of nature, etc.

It is a free space that offers activities, workshops and dynamic proposals. It seems like a great plan to us, especially in summer!


Teleférico de Montjuic

It is a gondola lift opened in 1970 that takes us from Parc de Montjuic to the Castle. On your way you can enjoy good views of the city.

teleférico barcelona


Avenida de Miramar, 30
Montjuïc cable car: Main station located at Paral·lel (L2 y L3),
Buses: 55 & 150
From Monday to Sunday, schedules will vary depending on the time of the year:
· From January to February: 10.00 h to 18.00 h
· From March to May: 10.00 h to 19.00 h
· From June to September: 10.00 h to 21.00 h
· October: 10.00 h to 19.00 h
· From November to December: 10.00 h to 18.00 h
Single trip:
· Adult: 9.40€
· Child (4 to 12 years old): 7.50€
· -4 years: Free
Round Trip:
· Adult: 12.78€
· Child (4 to 12 years old): 9.18€
· -4 years: Free

Teleférico de Barcelona

In a trip over the sea, this aerial one connects the port with Miramar (on the Montjuic mountain). It was built for the 1929 International Exhibition.

Teleferico Barcelona


Torre de San Sebastian: Paseo Juan de Borbón s/n, Barceloneta
Metro: L4 Barceloneta
Bus: V15, V19, 45, 59, D20, 47
Estación de Miramar: Avda. de Miramar s/n, Montjüic.
Mentro: L3 Paralel (16min andando aprox.)
Bus: 150, 55, BCTO
1 enero – 28 de febrero: 11h – 17.30h
1 marzo – 31 de mayo: 10.30h – 19h
12 septiembre – 27 de octubre: 10.30h – 19h
28 octubre – 31 diciembre 11h – 17.30
CERRADO: 25 de diciembre
Ida: 11€
Ida y vuelta: 16.50€

Montjuïc Castle

Military fortress of the XVII located on the top of the mountain of Montjuic. It currently belongs to the Barcelona City Council, which uses it for cultural activities: exhibitions, film sessions… Its terrace on the parade ground is an excellent 360° viewpoint.

castillo montjuic barcelona


Plaça del Tibidabo, 3, 4
Bus: 150
Teleférico de Montjüic
· 1 marzo – 31 octubre: 10h – 20h (cierre de taquillas a las 19:30h)
· 1 noviembre – 28 febrero: 10 – 18h (cierre de taquillas a las 17:30h)
Abierto de lunes a domingo.
CERRADO: 25 de diciembre y 1 de enero.
· Entrada general:  5€
· Entrada reducida: 3€
· Entrada Gratuita: menores de 16 años, todos los domingos a partir de las 15h y el primer domingo de mes todo el día.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Built by Carles Buïgas for the 1929 International Exhibition, it lights up a show of music and color with its 2,600 liters of water per second in a water recirculation system and its 7,000 million combinations.

fuente mágica barcelona


Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 1
FGC y metro: L1 y L3 Plaça Espanya
55 y Bus Turístic, parada MNAC

Poble Espanyol

The Spanish Village, located on the Montjuïc mountain, was created in 1929 at the Barcelona International Exhibition to impress its visitors by showing the architectural and cultural essence of Spain.

In this enclosure, you will find every week and during school holidays a multitude of activities.

pueblo español barcelona


Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13
L1 y L3 Plaça Espanya
Lun: 09:00-20:00h
Mar. -Mie. – Jue.-Dom: 09:00-24:00h
Vie: 09:00-03:00h
Sab: 09:00-04:00h
Entrada general:  desde 9€
Consultar la web para ofertas y actividades

Las Golondrinas

They began to sail in the port of Barcelona in 1888 with the Universal Exhibition and since then they have made various tourist tours along the city’s coastline.

All of them are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona


Moll de les Drassanes, s/n
L3 Drassanes
Los precios canvian en función a la duración del trayecto. Consultar la web

Sagrada Familia

It is the most visited atraction in Barcelona. It does not have family visits, but it is a spectacular space that by itself already attracts any visitor. With my private tours I adapt the explanations to each age, looking for animals in its doors, projections of the light that enters through the stained glass windows, we look at the forms of nature of its columns and I explain in a simple way the symbology and the theme of its sculptures.

Here you will find all the necessary information to organize your visit.

Museum of Cultures

Located in one of the palaces on Carrer Montcada, it includes a large collection of pieces from all over the world, exhibited in an educational way. They organize workshops and family and children’s activities.

Museo de las Culturas


Carrer de Montcada, 12, 14, 08003 Barcelona
L4 Jaume I
CERRADO: lunes, no festivos
Del 1 de mayo al 30 de septiembre:
· De martes a domingo y festivos, de 10 a 20 horas
Del 1 de octubre al 30 de abril;
· De martes a sábado, de 10 a 19 horas
· Domingos y festivos, de 10 a 20 horas
· Colección permanente: 5,00 € (general), 3,50 € (reducida)
· Exposición temporal Sede Montcada: 3,00 € (general), 2,10 € (reducida)
· Colección permanente + exposición temporal: 5,00 € (general), 3,50 € (reducida)
Entradas combinadas
· Exposiciones permanente y temporal de la Sede Montcada i de la Sede Parc Montjuïc: 5,00€
· Entrada combinada con el Museu Egipci de Barcelona: 12 € (ésta entrada también da acceso a la Sede Parc Montjuïc)
· Entrada combinada con el castillo de Montjuïc: 7,50 € (general), 4,50 € (reducida). Incluye:
– Entrada a la colección permanente de la Sede Montcada.
– Entrada a la colección permanente + exposición de referencia en la Sede Parc Montjuïc.

Chocolate Museum

Museu de la xocolata Barcelona

Museum created by the initiative of the Barcelona Pastry Guild to publicize the economic and social importance of this product in the city. Located in the old convent of Sant Agustí, it offers activities adapted to each age, but all to lick your lips.


Carrer del Comerç, 36
L4 Jaume I
L1 Arc de Triomf
Martes a sábado: 10 a 19h
Domingos y festivos: 10 a 13 h
Precios: 6e individual a 4,80 (reducida)

Wax museum

In a neoclassical building from 1867 next to Las Ramblas, it takes a journey through history with its wax figures.


Passatge de la Banca, 7 (La Rambla)
L3 Drassanes
De lunes a jueves: de 10:30 a 19:00h (último acceso a las 18:00h)
Viernes, sábado, domingo y festivos: de 10:30 a 20:00h (último acceso a las 19:00h)
Individual: 20e
Pack familiar:  57,60e
Museo y taller; 24e

La Casa dels Entremesos

You can visit a permanent exhibition of gegants, capgrosos and besties (giants, big heads and beasts). Check the website to find out about the scheduled activities such as games, dances, theater, puppets, dramatized visits…

Casa dels entremesos


Pl. Beates, 2 
L4 Jaume I
· CERRADO: lunes
· De martes a sabado, de 10 a 13 h y de 16 a 19 h.
· Domingos, de 11 a 14 h
· Entrada gratuita.
· Consultar en la web las actividades programadas y los precios

Galerías Maldà

Where you can visit or buy in stores with themes such as Harry Potter or manga characters.

In these galleries is the Maldà cinema with some films for children or to go with babies.

  • Prices per day:
    MONDAY and WEDNESDAY (viewer’s day) – €5.50/day
    TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY – €7.50/day
    SATURDAY and HOLIDAYS – €9/day and €7.50/night session
  • The same ticket is valid for as many films as you want on the same day (except for exceptions that would be indicated – festivals, specific films…).
  • Ticket sales only at the box office. There is no online sale.


C. de la Portaferrissa, 22 
L4 Jaume I
L4 Urquinaona
L3 Liceu
Todos los días de 11 a 21h

The king of magic

If you like magic, it is essential to pay a visit to this store, which is the oldest in the world, its foundation dates back to 1881 and although the establishment changed locations several times, this magical-capicua date is used. It retains almost all its original decoration both inside and outside.

We can find books, magic objects, tips… and courses aimed at both adults and children.


Carrer de la Princesa, 11 
L4 Jaume I
· CERRADO: domingo y lunes
· De martes a sábado, de 12 a 19,30h.
· Domingos, de 11 a 14 h
· Entrada gratuita.
· Consultar en la web las actividades programadas y los precios

La Filmoteca de Catalunya

It has family programming that can be consulted on its website.


Plaza de Salvador Seguí, 1-9
L4 Liceu
L2 y L3 Paral·lel
L3 Drassanes
Consultar la Cartelera
· Entrada individual 4 €
· Entrada reducida 3 €
· Entrada programación infantil  2 €


Y si os apetece ir al teatro aquí tenéis algunas salas donde podréis disfrutar de buenos espectáculos.


And if you feel like going to the theater, here are some rooms where you can enjoy good shows.

Barcelona by bike

Visiting the city by bicycle is a good option. Barcelona is betting more and more on this type of transport and the enabled lanes allow us to move around it safely. Check our website for the itinerary that we propose and the discount you can get if you rent the bikes through our website.

Near Barcelona

Delta del Llobregat

A few kilometers from the city, the Delta del Llobregat is a little-known space for tourists who visit Barcelona. Of great importance for waterfowl on their migration to Africa, it was declared a Special Conservation Area. Ideal for walking or bird watching in its many observation posts.

They offer family activities


Carretera de la Marina, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona
En transporte público se tarda 1h 40 minutos aproximadamente es mejor ir con coche. Consulta por Google la mejor opción para ti.
Lunes cerrado
1 septiembre- 31 octubre de martes a domingos y festivos de 9 a 19h
1 noviembre- 32 marzo de martes a domingo y festivos de 9 a 17h
1 abril- 30 junio de martes a domingo y festivos de 9 a 19h
1 julio- 31 agosto de martes a domingo y festivos de 8 a 14h

If you want to travel outside of Barcelona, ​​we recommend a day at Montserrar Mountain or Port Aventura World.


It is a leisure complex opened in 1995 that has been expanding its facilities and where you can spend a full family day.

Check the schedules that vary according to the times of the year, as well as their discounts, offers, packages…



Avda. Alcalde Pere Molas, k 2 
Ap7 y C32 hasta Vilaseca (Tarragona)
Desde la estación de Barcelona Sants coger un regional que lleva a Salou, Port Aventura (6 paradas) en 1h y 27 minutos.
Adultos: des de 48€
Júnior/sénior: des de 42€

Jump Yard

Close to Barcelona, ​​in Cornellá, we find a large indoor activities park, the largest in the city. It has facilities such as trampolines, suspension bridge, football…


Calle Sant Ferran, n4 (Cornellà del Llobregat)
Abierto todos los días de la semana de 10 a 21h

Finally, don’t forget to check which days the museums are free.



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